Grace Kelly Korea

Wedding dresses

Grace Kelly Korea is a high-end fashion couture house that brings together more than 20 world-renowned high-fashion wedding dress brands. As the first and largest international luxury wedding dress retailer in Korea offering brides luxurious, elegant and fashion-forward Korean gown designs in collaboration with two distinguished Korean celebrity designers, LEE SEUNG JIN and CHOI JAE HOON. The unique design concepts and understanding of beauty integrates the East and the West catering to the Asian body shape of Asian brides.

Grace Kelly Korea is committed to delivering premium wedding salon services and the ultimate wedding dress through our uniquely tailored service that makes the bride feel like a queen. The quality, beauty, and expertise of our designers has made us one of the top wedding dress retailer in the world serving 100,000 brides yearly.


Suits & Tux

TOP ZIO is a brand that strives to redefine all men’s suits. Founded with the aim to create a collection of designer men’s formal suits that bring simplicity and modernity in its overall appearance, It is a lifestyle fashion brand that provides more than just a suit for men , but an experience and the desire to keep things simple and to explore more aspects of men. TOPZIO combines the history of European tailoring with the fit of Asian men to create a truly exquisite, slim-fitting suit that does the talking.

La Queen Korea

Hair & Makeup

In 2002, LA Queen Korea was founded and began to grow quickly within the makeup industry. Soon the company became a destination for clients who wanted professional, top-quality makeup services. Professional stylists who worked at high-end bridal salons now had the opportunity to join LA Queen Korea and share their expertise with customers. In addition to this, the stylists and artist team uses only international first-line luxury makeup brands and provides a pleasant makeup environment.