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Unique Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings date back hundreds of years.  They have long stood for fidelity and love between two people and are given on a day of joining. Before they used metal for rings wedding ring could be made from such thing’s plants, grass and even hair.

Today’s wedding rings are made from stunning metals such as gold, titanium, platinum and white gold and most often contain a diamond, although sapphire is quickly becoming more popular.

There are many different styles of wedding ring, but the most popular, especially for men, is the plain gold band. For those who want something a bit less plain, the market is ripe with possibilities.

While there are exceptions, the only piece of jewelry some men wear is their wedding band. For that reason, having something a little bit different can really look stunning and stand out from the rest.

Most men’s wedding rings are made from platinum due to its strength and durability. Often gold is too soft of material to withstand years of use. With proper care, the platinum will look as good twenty years from now as it does today.

While it has been the tradition in most places to wear your wedding ring on your left hand, in countries such as Germany, Russia, Norway the traditional way to wear your wedding ring is often on the right hand.

Many couples choose other ways of making their wedding band unique.  They will often have a matched set, have the date or their names engraved, or choose a diamond in pink or blue to make it stand out more. Buying the stone separate from the band and creating your own design is yet another way to make your wedding ring completely unique.

With a little thought and not a lot of extra cash, you can have a wedding ring that is as special as the day you receive it.