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Gifts For The Newly Married Couple

Datetime:2020-05-30 12:02 Source:ARTIZ Author:admin hits:68541
When you receive a wedding invitation, your first thought is often what to give as a wedding gift. In order to give a gift that the new couple will like, you have to consider some factors about this couple. Since the trend in modern times seems to be that most couples live together, they probably have all the household items that they need. Another trend of modern couples is to register with a wedding registry where they list all the things that they would like to have as wedding gifts. Many guests find that the prices of these items are more than they are prepared to pay and shy away from this method of gift-giving.
Some couples live far away and come back home to get married. The best wedding gift to give in this situation would be money. If you give large gifts, there is every chance that the couple will have difficulty getting all gifts back with them. They may have to purchase extra luggage or pay for extra weight in order to take the gifts back to their permanent residence.
When you do buy appliances, try to buy something unusual. My son was married last year and the list of wedding gifts included 5 coffee percolators, 3 toasters, and 4 irons. The thing that was funny is that neither he nor his wife drink coffee. Luckily, they were able to exchange the appliances at stores for things they did need, even though they had registered with Bed Bath and Beyond.
Money in a card expressing best wishes is always welcomed. The money you give can help to pay the wedding expenses, allow the couple to take a honeymoon or even help them make a down payment on a house. No matter what they use the money for, they will get enjoyment from it.